“I can’t afford to talk to a lawyer about my patent, let alone get one and enforce it. But, I have a great idea. What do I do?”

Unfortunately, the process of patent procurement and enforcement is incredibly time consuming and very expensive. It is not uncommon for legal fees and costs to exceed $15,000 for a basic patent. Often, several related patent applications should be filed, resulting in expenses exceeding $100,000. It is also common for patent licensing and litigation to consume many years, with legal fees and expenses reaching or exceeding $5,000,000 for a well-litigated case pursued through trial and appeal. Patent litigation is one of the most complex and expensive litigation fields. Due to these high costs, small corporations and individual clients typically forego obtaining and enforcing patents. As a result, the patent business has historically been dominated by large corporations, leaving unprotected the many important inventions of individuals and small corporations.

The Law Offices of Lisa & Lesko, LLC is one of the few firms in the country that actively represents clients in patent enforcement programs on a contingent fee basis. The particular contingency fee varies on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the case, the contingency fee may be taken before or after expenses have been paid. Whether or not the client is responsible to pay certain expenses will be discussed at the start of any new case and communicated clearly to new clients.

Mr. Lisa’s successful representation of clients in the past has provided the experience and resources to forego hourly rate work in favor of contingent fee representation. By doing so, important inventions that would otherwise be abandoned can be protected and successfully licensed or enforced. To discuss your inventions with a member of the firm, please call or email